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Shipping, Warranty & Returns Policy

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Shipping, Warranty & Returns Policy
Retail Shopify products
All items are shipped within 24hrs excluding weekends.
All items unless stated are free shipped with Australian Express Post sachels.  Express Post shipping is included in pricing and 100% paypal and Australia Post insured items and Buyer and Seller protections during Covid freight.

GST or VAT is included at checkout
SImple exchanges or refunds or returning purchases discounts in Australian Consumer Law is via direct email contact and Australia Post and Paypal records.
All items are checked prior to dispatch. 
Some items due to packaging shape are repackaged to limit damage or retain the high qualities of the product during the Covid Freight system
All items must be inspected upon arrival at customers destination by customer to eleviate and isolate Australia Post damages to goods during transit.
Contacting us via email is the retail warranty initial process.
Ebikes have a simplified Warranty stated below in delineated liabilities and exposures to risk to our business ABN 37152997796 from manufacturer, dealers, and our reselling of ebikes. Bespoke Blueberry Ebikes or our Fleet ebikes are not on offer in Australia and are omitted from the warranty process for that reason.
Ebike Distributor Warranty
All Blueberry e-bikes come with 12 months Distributrr / Manufacturers warranty on all electronic parts (including battery, motor, controller, display) and also a minimum 2 year warranty on the bike frame. We act as interface if required or direct customers to place in Warranty Claims for Blueberry Ebikes.Com Workshop time / invoices to localised repair support.
We carry ebike spare parts to The Great Trails Eco Tours Ebike Fleet. We will not carry every brand of ebike nor be involved with customers of other online stores as parts shortages can affect our operations.
Apart from manufacture defects that could be present, parts that wear due to normal use (such as tyres, brake pads, chains, etc) are not included in the warranty but maybe replaced on a case by case basis within the first 6 months. 
An outgoing goods inspection is always carried out before the goods are delivered, but we recommend that you inspect the delivered goods after you receive them.
Should you notice any damage, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can discuss the next steps with you.
If you notice any packaging and/or transport damage on delivery, we ask you to have this confirmed in writing by the carrier upon delivery and to notify us.  
We recommend that you keep the damaged packaging as evidence wherever possible.
Returns Policy (via direct sales only)
We assess each refund and/or return enquiry on a case by case basis. Depending on the case you may be entitled to a replacement or refund.
Please follow the steps below to request a return or lodge a dispute.
Contact and
Place in Subject Heading “Warranty Request” and place in a serial number of battery and ebike frame (both located prominently on the front of the ebike and battery case).
Place details of what has occurred, date and time of purchase, any event that could provide details on any component issue under warranty claim. Detail riding conditions or other factors that could improve warranties and ebike experience. (ex Fleet) or (retail / bespoke) will commence a warranty claim and communications with Distributors / European Parent Company (depending on type of ebike or component)
Please allow up to 48-72hrs hours for us to review your claim and respond.
5 Business Days to any Claim occurring over Public Holidays or similar. and acts as liaison to Australian Distributor in Victoria of ebikes.
Conditions apply to return of ebike or component to Australian or European Distributor at claimants freight cost.
5. The Distributor will issue a Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA Number). 
6. Once lodged, we will investigate warranty issues and advise you whether your product may be returned and, where required, provide you with instructions on how to return your goods, with which you must comply. 
7. Once the product has been received we will either inspect your goods or investigate any claimed defect or, where we believe it is applicable, provide a remedy in relation to your goods. If we do not believe a remedy is applicable upon inspecting your goods (for example, where we believe the goods have been misused, or there was a failure to use in accordance with manufacturer's instructions, used it in an abnormal way or there has been a failure to take reasonable care), we will reject your claim and return your goods to you.
You must cover the cost of return shipping in order to receive goods we have rejected on inspection, and we will provide you with instructions on how to make this payment.
Warranty based refunds will be issued using the payment method used for purchase.
We aim to process refunds and replacements within 3 days of receipt by us of the original product, however, depending on your item and the number of returns in our system, this may take longer. and operate a group of online stores independently under ABN's to ABN 37 152 997 796 eCo-System.
Main Gippsland Distributors,,, and (all online stores Covid affected / offline Summer season 2020/2021) utilises Leongatha Cycles, located in Leongatha, as the Main Cycling build, Design, Test Facilities, Repair Workshop and Outiftting Store of The Wilsons Promontory Group of online Stores operated by Blabar Australia ABN 37 152 997 796. Fish Creek operates a Drop Shop / Pop Up Shop to Fish Creek in Guide Tours Bookings Great Southern Rail Trail equipment online purchases drop off point, and general Cycling Support in retail saleable items to the public and trail consumers. Wilsons Promontory eBikes. Com operates Bookings of Tours, International Operations of eBike collaborations and the main eBike and Tour Guide Hiring System of 2020/2021/2022 to Operations in South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia., and operate tour support stores and Tour Guides Business Operations. is a Traditional Cycling Store and ebike Outfitter scheduled for FY 2024.
ABN 37 152 997 796 Great Trails Eco Tours Warranties
We build ebikes to European specifications 'out of the crate' then deliver to rural areas and demographic specific understandings between Leongatha Cycles and Australian Distributors. 
We also provide 'Build Options' due to demographic, trail and extreme weather conditions. These build options do not impede, modify, or negate manufacturer and Australian Consumer Warranties.
All workmanship is to Australian Consumer Law and experienced ebike mechanics, and 30 days of warranty on all workshop or parts supplied by ABN 37 152 997 796 Great Trails Eco Tours limited to 'fair use' and reasonable expectations. We reserve the right to detail the expected limitations of liability in, to or from any perceived misuse or abuse of any ebike warranty or part thereof prior at point of sale (POS) to an informed customer levels as to our social eCo SME's Operations.
ABN 37 152 997 796 Great Trails Eco Tours operates a reseller of ebikes in an e-Co system. Purchases via and can be shipped Australia Wide including Norfolk island and remote territories. Please contact to discuss option for purchasing to remote zones, remote territories or rural areas. Shipping is directly affected by COVID 19 logistics and we will provide an adjusted delivery period window rather than an exact date. Be aware ebikes are a mixed load / manual handling; and thus a lower priority in shipping companies logistics currently. We have good relations and understandings with the freight companies we choose to operate in stabilising the current COVID 19 affects on all operations.
There is a clear delineation in Warranties from Manufacturer, Distributors system and ABN 37 152 997 796 Great Trails Eco Tours and Blueberry Ebikes.Com ability to build, deliver, or 'Option'or modify ebikes to appropriate levels of Manufacturers insurances and warranties to Australian Environments, jurisprudence and Consumer Affairs. Particular models of ebikes require to be modified so as to provide fullest comfort and safe ebiking in the extremes of South Gippsland, Victoria. Our Hire eBikes operate under our own Brand Blueberry Aerospace to Wright Brothers aspects of Structural frame welding Certifications (International ASME) and Aerospace Patent Levels / non destructive / destructive ebike tests. Copyright, IPR are our owned Royalties and Licences Business and Identity Assets. We are a developer of eBikes Global system of Tourism located in South Gippsland Australia; our ABN 37 152 997 796 eCo-System Modelling Area. We are predominantly to International and Global Tourism Networks. We provide a Regional Store at our profit.
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